Would you like to volunteer for

Spittal Improvement Trust?

Come along, get involved! - give back to your community. 

You'll spend days, weeks even months to organize projects and events, up early on the morning to setup and while you work all day while people enjoy themselves and you think to yourself, when they go home, I will still be here packing up.

At the end of the event you wonder was it all worth it and you remember all the positive comments and happy faces, the funny moments and we decide yes let’s do it again.
So if making people happy and seeing them smile is payment enough for you then please get involved.

 Have a look at our Projects page to see what interests you.


Photo courtesy of Bec Greener. 

Above we have a keen beach cleaner, and to the left aresome volunteers from the Seaside Festival 2012. They helped make kites and parachutes, did arts and crafts and fired a large slingshot!

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope it has encouraged you to get involved with the Spittal Improvement Trust and to participate in local community events. Please consider donating to help improve Spittal for all and 'Like' us on Facebook to keep up to date.



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