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Heritage Open Days

Take yourself on a walk around Spittal and find out about some of the properties and buildings there both past and present. Spittal was once a seaside resort but also a place with an industrial past.

Over 160 properties are taking part with a poster of information in a window, on a gate or lamp post with anecdotal and hearsay information from local residents, newspapers of the time, censuses and directory with extra historical facts thrown in for good measure. There are also a few questions.

Can you be the one to answer them or can you provide us with more information?


Winner announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Doorstep Challenge.

The £30 first prize was awarded to 21 Middle Street.


Doorstep Challenge 2020

The Gardening Group are please to announce we are holding the Doorstep Challenge again in 2020.

Why not help brighten the village by placing hanging baskets, pots or other displays outside your property?

Point 90 is out now.

The latest issue of The Point newsletter is now out. Includes news and information about the upcoming events in the village.

Click the link for an online version.




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